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KY-EX Expedition Trolley Mark 5 - 10" Pneumatic tyres

Sea Kayak Expedition Trolleys by Kayak Carrier Systems, excellent for extended expeditions or getting your Kayak down to the ocean.

This version is sold with 10" pneumatic tyres, these just fit all 10" hatches like the NDK 10" on their composite sea kayaks.

The Trolley weight frame, axle and parts = 1.5 k

wheels = 1.5k

Through innovation and constant design our Trolleys have evolved to be the best and the most popular trolleys in the sea kayaking market.


Our Kayak cart is one of the most popular Trolleys in the market, highly rated by Dr. Douglas Wilcox, and other forums. Mountain and Sea Scotland has a review of the original Mark I trolley.   Dr. Douglas Wilcox has two Mark 1 Trolleys now some 18 years old and have been used on long rough terrain portages with fully laden kayaks, these Trolleys are still as good as the day they were purchased!

No wonder we don't sell any spares or replacements!


The very popular, best version ever Mark 5 Sea Kayak Trolley is now ready, featuring a heavy duty smaller diameter axle with wheel spacers mounted into the the trolley frame making it stronger and with less parts to lose

Due to popular demand we also offer wider carts for transporting Canadian Canoes and Sit on Top Kayaks, please see our other Trolley listings.

The Mark 5 fits all hatches when dismantled, comes apart with ease and is assembled very quickly due to the design and innovation making it very simple and easy to stow.


The Trolley comes complete with instructions and free delivery in the U.K. and islands.      The price you see is the price you pay.

  • KY-EX TROLLEY information

    Our Mark 5 Trolley is simple to put together and come apart.  Hold the two frames together and put the knurled hand wheels is through the locating hole and screw into the other frame a few turns, add the axles and the keel support, facing rear as the support leg which comes down for standing the trolley, screw up the knurled hand wheel, add the wheels and lock in place with the linch pins, click on the large pads and you are ready to go.   All parts are boned and are stainless steel, except the threaded insert which is brass and the linch pins are passive coated.

    Keep all parts clean and free of salt and sand, rub the axle with a cloth and light spray of oil and clean off.    This will give you years of pleasure.

  • Care of your Trolley

    The pins on the pads are bonded in and cannot be removed.   To keep your Trolley in perfect condition we recommend washing the axle and linch pins in warm soppy water to remove salt and dirt, the pads should also be kept clean to remove salt and sand this way your valuable Sea Kayak will not get marked.    Your Trolley will give you many years of use when looked after.