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KY-VENTUR Adventurer Trolley

Sea Kayak Expedition Trolleys by KCS, excellent for extended expeditions or getting your Kayak down to the ocean.


Our Kayak cart is one of the most popular Trolleys in the market, highly rated by Dr. Douglas Wilcox, and other forums. Mountain and Sea Scotland has a review of the original Mark I trolley.


The very popular, best version ever Mark 5 Sea Kayak Trolley is now ready, featuring a heavier duty, smaller diameter axle and wheel spacers mounted into the the trolley frame making it lighter, stronger and with less parts to lose

Due to popular demand we also offer the Explorer Trolley, a wider cart for transporting Canadian Canoes and the Adventurer Trolley a cart for wider Sit on Top Kayaks.

  • Care of your Trolley

    All pins on the pads are bonded in and cannot be removed.    To keep your Trolley in perfect condition we recommend washing the axle and linch pins in warm soppy water to remove dirt and salt, the foam pads should also be washed to remove salt and sand to stop your valuable Sea Kayak from getting scratched.    This way you will get many years of use from your Trolley.