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Several times throughout the year we are asked to design a special Trolley to accommodate a different type of craft. Below are examples of where we have delivered on specific customer needs.

The Image to the right shows a trolley just finished for a VIRUS BOAT made in France. The keel line meant we had to drop in a centre section to allow the hull to sit on the Trolley pads. The width is much greater than the Sea Kayak Trolley, the pads are much wider and the axle is 80cm.

Virus Yole Trolley copy.jpg

Another Trolley we were asked to design this year was two to fit a Deep V Hulled Catamaran. The two sailors were going to the Scottish islands on a sailing and camping trip and required two Trolleys, so they could haul it up the beach in the evening away from the tides. Here is the result which worked for them. Very strong and lightweight, easy to stow away.

We were asked to come up with a design for a girl who was a keen Sea Kayaker with a disability. The design had to be able to convert from a Sea Kayak Trolley with an extension for her to sit on, to be pulled down to her kayak. It comes apart very easily with a couple of thumb screws, the design allows it to come apart and fit through the hatch and stow away in the compartment.