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With many Sea Kayaking trips around the coasts we found ourselves in some amazing locations either on the West Coast of Scotland or the Inner and Outer Islands of the Hebrides by the Atlantic Ocean, being some of our favourite locations for extended kayaking and camping trips to remote beaches and offshore islands with incredible wildlife and scenery.

The photos in these galleries are just a some of the scenic, wildlife and sea kayaking ones we have taken on or many excursions

All photographs are the copyright of Ronald Weir

Isle of Coll, Sea of Hebrides
Sea kayaking in the Sea of Hebrides
Sea Kayaking Fingals Cave
KCS Expedition Trolley Mark II in Great Bernary, Isle of Lewis
Sea Kayak Paddling on Firth of Forth by Forth Bridge
Sea Kayak Paddling on Loch Aline
Sea Kayak pulled up on a Hebridean beach
Wild camping on a Hebridean beach during a Sea Kayak expedition
Kayak paddling by waterfall on Loch na Keal
Paddling through Sound of Soay and Skye Cullins
Sea Kayaks on beach by Sound of Mull
Leaving Lochaline on a Sea Kayak tour
Kayaks on the beach by Island of Coll and Cairns of Coll
Sea Kayak Paddling into the Sunset
Evolution Kayaks with Expedition Trolley
Evolution Kayaks with Expedition Trolley

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