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It arrived! Many many thanks for the exceptional customer service. Very much appreciated. You've really polished the design. I think the clickin/click out pads are a fantastic addition and save a great deal of time putting it together.

Ed Loffill

Hi Ronnie, thank you for the trolley and the Vaseline J. The wheels fit, just like you said they would. Very happy.


V cradles arrived today and have been fitted! They look great!! Looking forward to using them. Thanks again for your excellent service


Used the j cradles over the weekend for the first time. Boats felt and looked very stable. Again very pleased. I will recommend your company to anyone that will listen to me.


Parcel arrived today. The V bars and hook look great. Hopefully I'll get to test them out this weekend.

Neil Gray

I have recently used my trolley for kayaking and it performed flawlessly. It is a very good fit to the sea kayak and easy and convenient to pack away.

Andy Taylor

Welcome to Kayak Carrier Systems website.
Serious about kayaking ... creators who care.

We are always striving to improve the finish to our products and innovate new designs.      Having just launched a new product the KYLOK, this new and innovative design is another first for Kayak Carrier Systems!   Our products are designed with Sea Kayaking at the forefront and we have been asked on several occasions to design and manufacture products for other boating applications.   
We are about to launch a few NEW DESIGNS in the next few weeks, please keep an eye out for these coming on the market. 
Our J Cradles are made bespoke to your match your make and model of kayak, as all kayaks have different shaped hulls thus ensuring that ours are going to be the best on the market to transport your kayak safely.    We also manufacture Bespoke Cradles to our customers design. 
Please note, over the last three years we have been replacing a well known make of J Cradles on Side Loading roof bars as our customers are finding ours are much better quality retaining their shape.
Our Trolleys are expanding into other Canoe and Sit on Top Kayak markets as with our unique design we have been able to change the size and profile to fit wider and differently shaped hulls.   We also can manufacture Bespoke Trolleys to our customers requirements.
Hope you enjoy discovering our unique products and our image galleries.    

Please note:  The price you see is the price you pay ... no hidden extras.







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